All About Bum Care

The end of summer is fast approaching, but the heat in the streets or between the sheets doesn’t have to stop!

One of the top ways to keep things hot in the bedroom is by doing the other four-letter-word: Anal. The only downsides to this are that it can be very daunting to start and it’s also certainly not for everyone.

But, with a bit of advice, a dash of communication, and a sprinkle of our Stay Ready Fiber, you’ll be ready for anything (including anal)!


Always Be Prepared

The first thing you should do before practicing anal for the first time, or even the fiftieth time, is really quite simple: RELAX!

Taking a few moments to get calm, communicate, and familiarize yourself with all the bodies involved will make a huge difference come showtime. Having a discussion with your partner to go over positions, safe words, and preferences can further help prevent tension in the body or other challenges.

"...start slow and small to work your way up to more."

One of the best practices is to also maintain/build flexibility in your behind. It’s completely normal for anal to be uncomfortable at first, but it should never be excruciating. It’s totally okay (and actually recommended!) to start slow and small to work your way up to more.

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Stay Ready

Since we’re all human, the goal of necessary anal hygiene is not to be perfectly clean or to be free of digestion evidence, but it’s to make the hygiene routine as stress-free as possible!

In a pinch, douching can work short-term to clear things out, but the most sustainable way to get things ready is through a healthy fiber-rich diet and/or supplementing with a Fiber Capsule or Powder. A Pure for Men Bidet is also not a bad idea to avoid any bathroom leftovers! As a backup plan, putting towels down and having alcohol-free Wipes readily available can work to make clean-up the last thing you think about.

Of course, freshening your entire body before and after any type of sex goes without saying. There’s also no one way to get things fresh, anything will work including our Charcoal or Eucalyptus Body Wash, Body Bar, Body Scrub, or even our Wipes. As long as you top off your bottom with a hydrating and natural moisturizer like our Bum Balm, you’ll be good to go!


Stay Safe

The first and final step of staying ready for anal or any other sex is to be safe through condoms, regular testing, and PEP or PrEP if necessary. 

Anal Lube and consistent communication can also help with making things pleasurable instead of painful. To help make this safety step even more exciting, we have three lube varieties for solo or shared experimentation! They include our versatile Water-Based Lube, our long-lasting Silicone-Based Lube, and our luxurious Coconut-Based Lube. All of them are also made with simple ingredients and are stain-free!

Lastly, it there’s any immense pain at any point during or after sex, then don’t hesitate to consult a doctor to check for infections or fissures.

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Pure and Ready for Everything

When getting uncovered this August, Pure for Men will help you stay covered from the inside out.

Our Lubes and Fiber Supplements for men are specially designed for all types of sex from anal to solo. No matter your level of experience, you won’t ever have to worry about staying ready!



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