Face Care Routines for Men

Are you tight? Are you taking care of your round asset?

We’re not talking about that round asset you take our fiber capsules for, we’re talking about the more important one: your face.

Whether you simply shave, put on light foundation, or fully paint your mug, face care routines are essential to look and feel your best. They not only improve your skin’s appearance, but they can grow your confidence to inspire you to care for your entire self.

If you need help with face care, we have plenty of new products and tips to help you serve face from your morning coffee run to your evening date!

The Importance of Face Care Routines

As men, our skin takes a lot of trauma from shaving, UV exposure, and even makeup application. Men’s skin is also often oilier and tougher than women’s skin, making face care routines even more essential for wrinkles, dark spots, eye bags, acne, and UV protection.

pfm blog face care routines for men normal to oily face kit

These routines can also go beyond face washing and eye bag rolling, they can be used for internal self-care as well to take time out of the day to focus and care for solely you.

To make face care benefits more accessible for all men, Pure for Men is launching a new skincare line with a Normal to Dry Skin Bundle, Normal to Oily Skin Bundle, and a Vitamin C Serum. Each bundle has a product designed for a face care routine step to keep you looking good for yourself and maybe some other men!


Cleansing is the most crucial part of any face care routine to remove any dirt, oil, or products at the start or end of the day.

Our bundles include cleansers to help men experience the benefits of face washing including skin hydration, exfoliation, calming, or smoothing according to your skin goals. If done right, your skin will be fresher and your pores will be open, and maybe it’ll help get other things open as well!

Cleansing is the most crucial part of any face care routine...


Moisture is the key to any good routine, whether it’s face care or sex care. After washing or shaving your face, you should apply cream or moisturizer to keep your face tight and flexible.

Our bundles include face moisturizers to hydrate dry skin and condition acne-prone oily skin. Applying them consistently will help increase skin glow and collagen to keep you looking young and celebrating your annual 29th birthday for a few more years!

Supplementary Products

There are as many face care products as there are Cher impersonators in West Hollywood, but the most essential ones are toners, mists, and serums.

Our new face care line has specially formulated facial toners for hydration and mists for skin tightening. But perhaps the best new product is our trendy Vitamin C serum to smooth your skin and help you glow brighter.

pfm blog face care routines for men face mist

The new Pure for Men Vitamin C Serum can also meet the skincare needs of men with sun sensitivities, hyperpigmentation, and aging skin.

Stay Ready and Stay Youthful With Pure for Men

Staying ready is much more than caring for your body with dietary fiber capsules and wipes, it also includes caring for your face.

Our face care bundles and Vitamin C Serum have the needs of our community in mind and can be conveniently added to your monthly haul to help you experience the benefits yourself!

After all, don’t we all love keeping (our face) tight?

For a limited time only, enjoy 20% OFF our Face products designed to keep your skin nourished, glowing, and radiant all day and night. Click here to shop now!



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