Face Care Routines for Men With Normal to Dry Skin

Are you tight? Does your skin feel like sandpaper? Do you fear the coming winter?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re probably experiencing dry skin.

Since this is the one part of your body that you do not want tight, finding the right face care routine that works for you is essential for your skin’s health. Once rehydrated, you can go back to focusing on someone else’s tightness!

Pure for Men is here to help you keep your skin smooth with tips and moisturizers so winter won’t be the only thing that’s coming!

PFM blog face care routine for men with normal to dry skin man washing face

What Is Dry Skin?

Too much facial oil can cause a greasy appearance, while not enough oil will make your skin look and feel dry.

The cause of dry skin is a deficiency in skin sebum, but it has also been linked to genetics, age, weather, products, and health conditions. Some signs of dry face skin include itchiness, flaking, wound susceptibility, and an ashy appearance.

Dry skin is also particularly sensitive to fragrances, water, and certain product types. This makes rehydrating it a difficult and irritating process, but most things (and some other things) worth doing tend to be hard!

PFM blog face care routine for men with normal to dry skin face kit

How to Treat Dry Skin

While water can be detrimental to dry skin, you can still include brief showers and face washes in your face care routine. You’ll want to use gentle cleansers that will hydrate the skin without harming it.

"Light exfoliation, sunblock, and facial coverings during cold months can further help your skin retain moisture."

Right after washing, it’s best to replenish your face’s moisture using a Facial Cream designed to moisturize without adding too much oil. It is recommended a Facial Toner to your routine to smooth and hydrate your skin after washing. Light exfoliation, sunblock, and facial coverings during cold months can further help your skin retain moisture.

Overall, you’ll want to keep showers short and moisturize regularly. But beware of moisturizing too much since this can irritate your skin further and undo all your progress.

Pure for Men for Dry Skin

Pure for Men has been helping our community from making quality dietary fiber capsules to educating men on how to bottom. Now, we’re helping even more men with our new Normal to Dry Skin face care bundle that includes a cleanser, cream, and toner.

We love being au naturel, so our cleanser is all-natural too with aloe gel, sucrose cocoate, and algae. These ingredients help give the cleanser its gel consistency that hydrates and calms dry skin so you can remove dirt instead of moisture.

Dry skin also needs manual moisturization, so, our cream combines vitamins, vegetable collagen, and other natural ingredients to make your skin less parched. But be warned, once your skin is less thirsty, your ex-boyfriend may become thirsty instead!

The final product makes getting toned as easy as combining a few natural extracts and vitamins together for an age-defying facial toner. Your face will be protected as the toner works hard to reduce redness and dryness.

Don’t Stay Dry, Stay Ready

Dry skin is the plague of cold weather and some genetics, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. By following a steady face care routine and using the right products, you can rehydrate your skin and stay ready from head to toe.

Next time you reorder your Pure for Men Fiber Powder, add in our new face care bundle to satisfy all of your thirsts!


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