Giving Back for Pride

2021 was quite the year, especially since last year marked the devastating passing of HB 25 in Texas.

The title “HB 25” is short, but its negative impact on countless Transgender and Intersex youth is heartbreakingly immeasurable. But, there is hope for electing future allied legislators and for supporting LGBTQIA+ youth presently when the laws don’t.

To help with this, Pure for Men is not only donating $15,000 to Equality Texas, but we’re using our reach to educate more people about the changes they can make against these types of discriminatory laws!

Anti-Trans Sports Ban in Texas

The passing of HB 25 is what is currently preventing Transgender and Intersex K-12 students from joining sports teams that align with their gender identity. Instead, students are forced to use their assigned birth certificate gender for sports participation.

The legal, ethical, and social consequences of this bill include the short-term and long-term mental health damages to youth, as well as the hugely dangerous precedent for LGBQTIA+ rights in this country. This makes an already vulnerable youth population more susceptible to isolation and harm from this intentional sports exclusion.  

Organizations like Equality Texas fought alongside Transgender and Intersex community members to prevent the passing of this bill, but now they’re working to implement future change and to help with present day youth advocacy. They use their team, resources, and donations to deploy voter education and community activism support for LGBTQIA+ Texans.

Donating to Equality

We have donated to Equality Texas to protect Transgender and Intersex youth, and to do the most we can to preserve their rights. Without the ability to join sports teams that align with their identities, young students are not only losing opportunities, but also the social, physical health, and mental health positives.

We hope our $15,000 donation can help to prevent or reverse similar bills, and also prevent the lifelong trauma associated with those legal actions. Equality Texas will also use our donation to fight additional LGBTQIA+ discrimination in our home state of Texas.

Pure for ALL

As a company that proudly supports all genders, identities, and sexualities, we have a responsibility and debt to all the organizations and leaders that have enabled Pure for Men to exist today.

And while we do truly believe that a fiber capsule or bidet can change the world, we want to make direct impacts not only for Texans but for the entire LGBQTIA+ community.

Our donation is just the start of a very long fight we have against this latest Anti-Trans Sports Ban. But, like Shangela and Jujubee on Drag Race, we’re persistent and we won’t ever give up on supporting our community!

Staying Equal

Pure for Men may be our name, but we support every identity, gender, and body with diverse products and direct community impact.

Our Supplements, Body Care, and Face Care products are designed to serve our community both in their use and in their contribution towards our donations to organizations like Equality Texas.

Whether it’s the recent HB 25 passing or another anti-LGBTQIA+ law, Pure for Men always Stays Ready to fight for equality


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