Pure for Men's Pride Campaign Sets the Rainbow

Pure for Men® makes a splash this summer with Pride and Nationwide Debut 

Support during Pride 2022 and brand growth continued all summer long

AUSTIN, TX (August 2022): This summer, Pure for Men®, the leading lifestyle brand for gay men, lead impactful change and partnerships, announcing the final successes from their Pride 2022 campaign and their recent partnership with CVS, where their top selling supplement line will be available in their 2,100+ stores nationwide.

Following in their mission to promote the LGBTQIA+ Community, Pure for Men®, the leading lifestyle brand for gay men, lead a thoughtful Pride Campaign which aimed to set the Rainbow Standard. They partnered with LGBTQIA+ Illustrator and Designer Rooney to design a Limited Edition Pride Label for their best-selling Stay Ready® Fiber Capsules as well as a tote bag. The artist used the colors of Pure for Men®'s collections to create a rainbow. “We work with artists like Rooney to support creatives in the LGBTQIA+ community. He's very involved, educated and has a compelling story,” stated Pure for Men®.

“We expect to see the tide change in the larger fight against bigotry and hypocrisy. In the meantime, Pure for Men® is doing what we can to help those on the right side of this battle.”

A portion of proceeds from the entire Limited-Edition Pride Collection benefited Equality Texas’ Queer Texas Crisis Fund to provide on-the-ground aid for individuals and families to maintain the standard of gender-affirming care despite recent local republican efforts. Pure for Men® also made a $15,000 donation to the organization and partnered with local Austin-based Drag Queen, Ritzy Bitz to announce the charitable initiative. An additional $500 was generously donated by Pure for Men® customers to benefit Out Youth.

"In this latest attack on a families' rights to privacy and autonomy in raising their children, Texas politicians seek to punish supportive parents as child abusers. Medical experts and childcare professionals alike have made it clear that gender-affirming care saves lives,” says Lawrence Johnson, Pure for Men® Co-founder and CEO. “We expect to see the tide change in the larger fight against bigotry and hypocrisy. In the meantime, Pure for Men® is doing what we can to help those on the right side of this battle.”

“Our trans women customers were the inspiration behind Pure for Her and the formulation that is now our best-selling Stay Ready® Fiber Capsules. The trans community from the beginning led PRIDE, fighting for equality and respect for all and it is unfortunate that now trans children and their families are the target of prejudice,” adds Pure for Men® CMO & Co-founder, Fabian Prado. “We celebrate parents that listen to their children and provide gender-affirming care. We need to protect these families and allow them access to the care they need.”

In addition, Pure for Men® was an official sponsor of PRIDE: Marfa, an intersectional, community-led initiative designed to uplift queer voices and queer creativity in Far West, Texas. The weekend was filled with joy and revelry with music, dancing and a surprise proposal. The brand co-sponsored other events including Berlin Pride, where approximately 15K people paraded in colorful garments in the streets of Berlin for the first in-person Pride celebration since the Covid pandemic, and Canal Pride where hundreds of thousands of spectators lined Amsterdam’s historic canals. Pure for Men® continues to proudly support pride events throughout the year.

Since 2015, Pure for Men® has helped men stay ready with an entire line of sex wellness essentials, skincare, and body care designed with the needs of gay men at the forefront. 

About Pure for Men®

Debuted to mass market in 2015, Pure for Men® is the first fiber supplement created for bottoms promising clean sheets and zero stains by streamlining preparation for anal sex. Founded by best friends Lawrence Johnson, Fabian Prado and Naaman Esquivel, the Austin, Texas-based company now boasts a full collection created by gay men to help men feel, look, smell and taste great such as multivitamins, lubricants, wipes, scented candles, body care and skincare collections. The brand regularly contributes to causes within the LGBTQIA+ and Austin, TX, community, including the Equality Alliance, in addition to local drives and outreach programs. Follow along with Pure for Men® on Twitter @PureForMen and Instagram @PureForMen. For more information and educational resources on the benefits of fiber, please visit PureForMen.com

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