Reset Your Summer Bod

Summer lovin’ is here, but what happens if you’re not having a blast?

Hangovers (of the food and alcohol variety) and endless food temptations can make summer turn into a real bummer and a half. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Pure for Men is here to help you Stay Ready for the summer so you can enjoy the sun and some fun with confidence!


Food, Fiber, and Fitness

Summer and diets go together like Cher and farewell tours. Meaning, it’s complicated!

The key to improving (while enjoying) your summer diet is moderation. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and egg whites don’t have to be eaten all day or night to have benefits. Substituting grilled hot dogs for baked chicken or a side of grilled corn for a side of raw carrots definitely aren’t ideal, but we promise that small steps like those will help balance summer fun and summer fitness!

In addition to some strategic portioning and budgeting for runs to Trader Joe’s, regular exercise can have you looking snatched into fall! And of course, our Stay Ready Fiber can help keep you full, regular, and hydrated. The Psyllium Husk keeps things flowing while the 16oz of water you drink with them can help get rid of the other type of thirst!


Don’t Let Hangovers Hang Around

We always forget about the dreaded hangover after our fourth hard seltzer, but our body has quite the memory.

While our 100% effective hangover cure made by JLO’s aesthetician is still in the pipeline, we have the next best thing! Our plant-based supplements can be used for a fun night as well as the not-so-fun morning after through its fiber powers. The soluble fiber provided by chia seeds, flaxseeds, and psyllium husk works to prevent hangovers by absorbing excess alcohol.

Taking your daily dose of fiber with the recommended 16oz of water can also keep you hydrated before a night of tequila shots and the always regrettable group fishbowl!


Reset to Get Ready

Whether it was the annual family vacation or a long weekend of long island iced teas, our Reset Supplements will cleanse your body back to its pre-pregame status!

And the best part is that it’s for short-term use over 3-10 days. After eating takeout and leftovers, the Reset will help clear out your digestive system, decrease bloating, boost your metabolism, and also aid in detoxing your body!

These beauties are similar to our Fiber Capsules in their psyllium husk and aloe vera content, but they pack an extra kick through its senna leaf, licorice root, and cascara sagrada bark ingredients. Just take them with 2 cups of water and you’ll be feeling ready and regular in no time!


Stay Hot for Summer

Summer moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and take your Fiber Supplements every day, you could miss it. We may or may not have gotten that John Hughes quote right, but what we do get right is sexual wellness.

Pure for Men supplements, lubes, and body care lines are here to keep you feeling and looking ready all summer.

No matter if you need help with resetting after a hangover or with getting regular after eating something irregular, you can Stay Ready with Pure for Men!


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