Stay Packin: A Travel Guide

You’ve packed everything to perfection and double-checked your passport, socks, toothbrush, and even your nana’s favorite sweater of yours.

You make it onto the plane, only to discover that your phone is at 20%, you have no earbuds or earplugs, and there’s a delay with a gate change!

This situation is more common than JLO and Ben Affleck’s relationship, but it doesn’t have to be (although we’re still rooting for the OG couple)!

We’re here with the ultimate packing guide so you can Stay Ready to get miles and to give miles!

Toiletries and Toothpaste

In a perfect world, we would take a whole pharmacy with us. But, unless you’re traveling by car or have an unlimited budget for luggage fees, you need to pack smart.

We recommend starting with the travel-sized essentials you use on the daily such as your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, Body Bar, Bum Balm, hair gel, OTC and prescription medicines, and floss if you’re feeling fancy!

But, as any Pure for Men user knows, you also have to Stay Ready for the unexpected from multiple weather scenarios to a dalliance with the off-duty lifeguard! This means packing sunblock, bug spray, sweaters, an umbrella, condoms, wipes, and yes, lube. A little secret for you is that all varieties of our Anal Lube, from silicon to coconut-based, come in 2 oz form so you can carry-on while carrying on!

Gadgets and Gizmos

We don’t play around when we say “Stay Ready”, so in that spirit, we’re sharing some of our more secret travel essentials!

There are the obvious things to pack like charging cords, portable battery chargers, headphones, earplugs, and neck pillows. But, we also suggest packing some duct tape and clips for emergency, but non-glamorous, repairs.

It also doesn’t hurt to pack cautiously by bringing disposable toilet seat covers, individual detergent packs, paper maps, a first-aid kit, and an address book in case of any technological mishaps. Depending on your travel method and destination, you may also want to bring heat blankets, backup water, and any other emergency supplies!

Fiber and Fun

Now that you’ve packed everything including the kitchen sink, and maybe the neighbor’s piping too, you may be wondering how you’re going to fit your sexy time supplies onto your carry-on!

That’s why we have decided to shrink our big products into a small package that can still pack a punch during your day trips to the city or your annual Italian getaway. Our new Travel Kit is easily accessible in a jam and has everything you need to Stay Ready including an 0.8 oz Body Bar, a 2 oz Body Scrub, and a 2 oz Bum Balm!

Before you ask, yes, we know they’re adorably sized. But, these miniature products are only available in our Travel Kit, with their grown-up counterparts still available for at-home use!

Stay Ready for Takeoff

This summer is the perfect time to travel and enjoy a little self-care. And now, you have one less thing to worry about packing with our new Travel Kit!

You’ll be ready for whatever or whoever your vacation throws at you with our travel-sized Bum Balm, Body Scrub, and Body Bar.

Stay Ready for flights and flings with Pure for Men


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