How to Holi-Slay Your Digestion

No matter how, what, or when you celebrate during the holiday season, we all have one thing in common…the dreaded “Festive Fifteen”!

And although indulging during December can be merry, feeling like “Fluffy” the Snowman can really take the jingle out of your bells. That’s why Pure for Men has a gift for everyone nice (or naughty) to help cleanse those fresh-baked cookies and casseroles out of your stockings.

Within a few days, our Reset supplement will have you feeling like a gift for the New Year and beyond!

pfm blog how to holi-slay your digestion reset

How the Reset Saves Christmas

Like a holiday party with an open bar and no cover, the Reset may sound too good to be true. 

This little brown capsule may not seem like much, but it’s loaded with vegan and plant-based ingredients to help reduce bloating, increase digestion and of course, detox your body. The Psyllium Husk, Senna Leaf, and Cascara Sagrada Bark ingredients work to help get things moving and going down Candy Cane Lane if you know what we mean!

"’s loaded with vegan and plant-based ingredients to help reduce bloating, increase digestion and of course, detox your body."

Of course, the additional Aloe Vera Gel and Licorice Root ingredients provide the extra cleanse factor with their antioxidant providing and free radical fighting skills. Combine everything and you’ll be able to jumpstart your metabolism, immune system, and body before the decorative lights go down!

Let It Reset (Temporarily)

Our Reset supplement is best used over 3-10 days with 1-2 pills taken daily with 16 oz. of water and regular hydration.

The timing of these supplements may vary depending on if you want to cleanse before, during, or after Mariah Carey season. But be warned, these brown beauties are quite potent, so time their use for when you’ll have easy access to a bathroom and won’t be doing too much rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

We also recommend consulting with your doctor for any medication interactions or digestive conditions since the Reset does do a pretty thorough job of sweeping your chimney, so it’s good to be on the safe side!

Have a Holly Jolly Everyday

We know the question that’s on your mind is whether you can take the Reset with Pure for Men Fiber or not, and the answer is that it depends…

Although they share a few ingredients and benefits, our dietary Fiber Capsules and Powder are meant for long-term use while the Reset is only for short-term use. There is also some flexibility in their dosages, but we recommend consulting with your doctor and our team here before using both of these Pure for Men supplements at the same time.

pfm blog how to holi-slay your digestion stay ready fiber

But don’t worry if you can’t enjoy our Reset right now, we still have lots of other ways to sleigh ready for the holidays from our body care line to our lube varieties!

Stay Ready for the Holidays

After a long season of splurging on gifts and ‘zerts, our Reset supplement is the perfect way to start your return to pre-gingerbread health. Simply take it for up to 10 days with lots of water (no spiked cider!), mix in a few healthy habits, and you’ll be svelte for Santa and whoever else comes to town!

Stay Ready and Stay Regular!



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